Best Affiliate Programs in India

15 Best Affiliate Programs in India: Earn Huge commission in [2020]

If you are starting with affiliate marketing, there must be various doubts about it. Even if you have an idea You will be finding the best affiliate programs to join. We have discussed everything about affiliate marketing along with the 15 best affiliate programs in India to join.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate Marketing is the process where an affiliate earns a fixed percentage of commission when he/she promotes or brings sales to the company’s products or services.

 It is one of the best marketing strategies where a company gets more sales without their own efforts. Rather they just share some amount of money with affiliates.

Why should you start affiliate marketing?

If you are in the online earning industry, you must be knowing its potential. You earn money just by promoting someone’s products without you worrying about the management or support system of the products or services.

It has the potential of making you millionaire in just a few years without starting your own company or business. We see many famous people are already making hundreds of thousands per month just by affiliate marketing.

Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse are some of the big names in the affiliate marketing industry.

How can you start affiliate marketing in India?

 Starting affiliate marketing in India or any other country is almost the same. You just have to create an affiliate account on the affiliate networks providing thousands of products on their platforms, You just have to select the kind of products you can promote and get started.

In India there are many affiliate programs you can join, we have listed 15 best affiliate programs in India below.

Which are the Best niches for affiliate marketing?

 Selecting the proper niche before getting into affiliate marketing is directly proportional to finding success here. There is always an audience for the niche you want to promote.

Beauty, Health and wellness, Gadgets, Pets, Blogging, Fashion are some of the top-performing affiliate niches. You name it and you can get the kind of products to promote.

What are affiliate programs and how do they work in reality?

Affiliate programs help affiliates to find the products they are willing to promote and make money. They just act as bridges connecting merchants and affiliates.

Merchants are the creator of the product, which can be one company or even an individual. They pay to the affiliate networks to list their products on their platform to be visible for the affiliates and therefore choosing it to promote.

Top 15 best affiliate programs in India


1.  Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate program also called ‘Amazon associates’ is one of the most trusted and largest affiliate networks in the world. Also, it is slowly becoming part of our daily life.

It has hundreds of thousands of products finely categorized in 15-20 categories. Each category has a fixed percentage of commission varying from 0.2% to 12%.

All you need to get started is you must be a content creator, publisher or website owner to promote the products. It can have your own blog or website, YouTube channel, or social media pages to redirect your audience to the amazon website.

You must describe the purpose of your website in the application process, so be careful with your niche audience to avoid any issues later.

Amazon Affiliate

Sign up here – Amazon Associates 

2.  Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce started by two friends Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Now it has been acquired by American retail company- Walmart for $16 Billion.

It is the second largest e-commerce in India after Amazon and like amazon it also provides lakhs of products on its platform with the commission ranging from 1% to 15% as displayed on their website.

Flipkart is one of the best affiliate programs in India and like any other affiliate programs you need a decent amount of traffic on your website to start earning. Website traffic and bank account is minimum eligibility to get started.

*If you are minor you can give your Guardian’s account details on your behalf.

People are earning on an average Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per month through affiliate marketing from Flipkart.

The brand provides a wide range of products along with the banners, product links, promotional banners and widgets to display on your website and when someone clicks there and makes a purchase, you earn your commission.

Flipkart - one of the best affiliate programs in India

You can sign up here – Flipkart Affiliate Program

3.  eBay affiliates programs

 Ebay is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in California. They facilitate B2C (Business to Consumer) and C2C (Customer to customer) sales through their website. 

It was founded in 1995. Since they have been the forerunners in innovation and technology and had bought companies like PayPal and Skype and many more. 

Recently their annual revenue is 10.8 billion U.S. dollars.

The affiliate program is similar to that of Amazon and Flipkart.

 You could earn a commission of anywhere between 1% to 5% depending on the type of product that is sold by you. 

Sign up here: eBay Affiliate program

Web hosting services

4. Godaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most popular companies to sell domain and web-hosting. They are considered as the world’s number one domain registrar. 

It was founded in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland by Bob Parsons. Ever since then, it has considered itself as the leader in web hosting services. 

GoDaddy will pay you when you send customers to their website and if they make a purchase. Their affiliate is very easy to set up and there are no fees for it too. 

In this age, everyone is buying domain and web hosting and other related products and services. 

They will be providing all the banners and text and so it will be one of the easy ways to earn money. 

Sign up here: Godaddy Affiliate Program

5. Hostgator

 Hostgator is a company that offers the services of web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and other related services. 

The company started its operation in October 2002. Their headquarters is Houston, Texas , United States. They have a revenue of more than 100 million dollars. 

For every sign up you can earn at least $65. They have a cumulative method for commision. If you sign up more than 21 people per month then you get $125  for every sign up you got though.

Sign up here: Hostgator Affiliate

6.  Reseller Club

Reseller Club  is a company which offers the services of web hosting and other related services. 

For every sign up you can earn at least 2000 Indian Rupees. They have a cumulative method for commision. If you sign up more than 21 people per month then you get 3500 Indian Rupees for every sign up you got though.

Watch the commission rates below for a dedicated server program.

Reseller affiliate commission rates

7.   BigRock

Big Rock  is a company which offers the services of web hosting and other related services. 

For every sign up you can earn at least 1000 Indian Rupees.

They have a cumulative method for commission. If you sign up more than 21 people per month then you get 1500 Indian Rupees for every sign up you got though.

Also, there will be an additional bonus of 500 Indian Rupees per sale.

The products you can sell through BigRock Affiliate Programs are:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Email-Hosting
  • Website Builder tool
  • Digital Certificates.

Sign up here: BigRock Affiliate

Travel Bookings and other advisory

8. Make my trip

 Make my trip is considered as the pioneer in the online travel industry in India revolutionizing it completely. 

The company was started by Deep Kalra, an IIM Ahmedabad alumni in 2000 and has grown unprecedented since then. It was initially started as US- India travels and then they started their operations in India in 2005. 

Now they have offices in New York, Singapore, Srilanka, Phuket, Bangkok and Dubai. 

If you are a travel blogger or you run a travel website, you can make a good amount of money through their affiliate. 

Sign up here: Make my Trip Affiliate

9.  TripAdvisor

 TripAdvisor is considered to be the world’s largest travel site enabling the user’s to discover ideas for their trips. 

It was started in the year 2000 and at present, they feature 8.6 million establishments including 1.4 million hotels, 842,000 rental properties, 5.2 million restaurants, and 1.2 million travel experiences worldwide. 

There are 3 main reasons why this is a good Affiliate program

  • Earn at least 50% on every sale you make 
  • You get a commission for every click even if the user hasn’t made the booking
  • If your user returns to TripAdvisor within 14 days and makes a booking, you get paid.

Sounds convincing right?

So If you are a travel blogger or you run a travel website, go to their website right now and become an affiliate partner.

Sign up here: TripAdvisor Affiliate

10.  NearBuy

Nearbuy is a company which helps people to discover 1000s of hotels, restaurants, spas, salons, gyms, movies, events and much more, near them.

This online portal helps one to buy anything they want near them.

Since Nearbuy offers different products, the commission you get depends on the type of product.

If you help your readers to buy their product through Nearbuy link, you could be making handsome money.

Check out their website: NearBuy


11.   Sportskeeda

Sportskeeda was created in 2009 by Porush Jain along with his friend Anshu Prasad. They engage their audience with all kinds of sports from across the globe.  

Sportskeeda Affiliate Network is a buzzing opportunity for those  that want to promote the best sports content to their social media audience and earn money everyday.

This is for all the social media admins and website owners who wish to engage their audience with Sportskeeda content. You can apply to this if you own a large Facebook page, Twitter handle or other social media/website property

As of now, they are not accepting affiliates below 50,000 fan base.

Sign up here: Sportskeeda Affiliate program

 Affiliate Network

12.  Vcommission

Vcommission is currently India’s fastest growing Affiliate network. 

It was established in 2010 to support industries and companies to maximize their revenue through campaigns, advertisements and other marketing strategies. 

They have clients such as Snapdeal, Airtel, HDFC bank and many more. 

They’ll pay you every month for the conversions you had. There is an initial threshold of 1000 Indian rupees for Indian affiliates and 100 dollars for international affiliates.

Sign up here: Vcommission Affiliate Program 

13.  Cuelinks

Cuelinks Affiliate program

Cuelinks is the content monetization network and is very helpful for blog monetization. It is very easy to set up and hardly takes 10 minutes after getting approval.

This company helps industries and companies to maximize their revenue through campaigns, advertisements and other marketing strategies. 

After signing up and approval you will be given javascript code which you need to paste into your blog and it will automatically convert links to affiliate merchants sites to Affiliate links and if someone makes a purchase through the links you make a commission.

Cuelinks is a good opportunity for Indian bloggers whose target audience in India. It is one of the best affiliate programs in India being used by native bloggers.

Some of the famous merchants names listed as advertisers are:

  • AirAsia
  • Flipkart
  • Airtel
  • Amazon India
  • Jabong
  • Shopclues
  • Freecharge
  • Snapdeal

Sign up for Cuelinks: Cuelinks Affiliate

14.   Optimize

Optimize is a global affiliate network program.

Giant companies like Microsoft, HSBC, and Expedia use Optimize to advertise their product. 

Meanwhile, it’s an opportunity for you to partner and publicize premium brands in your blog / social media and earn money for the leads you generate. 

Optimize includes many of the world’s best-known brands and products, covering every major industry. It is one of the great ways to make online money by directing your potential customers to the advertiser’s website.

Sign up here: Optimize affiliate

15.   Admitad India

 Admitad is a global affiliate network program.

There will be a company/organization who are  eager to advertise its product on the Internet and increase sales. They are the advertisers. 

Similarly there will be a  person or company that introduces an advertiser’s products to the audience and lead end customers. They are the publishers. 

Admitad brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helps them find each other. 

They have clients such as Emirates, Adobe, Adidas and many more. 

Sign up here: Admitad Program

Final Words

Finding your niche and advertising only the products that match your niche is one of the things you should do.

By trying to publicize every product you will only be doing the most foolish thing.

Under this best affiliate programs in India, you can find your products which you think will be easier for you to promote in the beginning and start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

P.S: The commissions and the offers provided by the above programs may change from time to time and the website will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused by that. 

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