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Who is a Research associate? | Jobs | Skills |Salary

Who is Research Associate?

As the name itself suggests, a Research associate is someone who plans, organizes, and performs research in various fields like industries, finance, companies, economics, or any other sector.

Now it is of utmost importance that before you start your own business or enter into any market you have to do proper market research about the products and services you will be offering.

You can do this by yourself or you can take the help of companies who can do all the researches and provide you the figures and data which is helpful in taking further business decisions.


Key extractions

Research associates work on a specific project to analyze and collect the data and pass all information and figures to their superior decision-makers.

An individual who has worked as a research associate can expertise in the field and can climb vertically to become research director.

They require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any of the economics, finance, or accountants and can be able to filter useful information from the figures.


Roles of a research associate.

Many firms have a research department that works mainly on finding the best ways to increase sales and enhance the products or services quality.

All these backend activities are performed under one research scientist who heads the teams of many research associates and prepares a final report of any research conducted.

Research associates whereas have the responsibilities of gathering all the data, figures or information from the primary or secondary sources and prepare an outline of those details to reach any conclusion which is taken by the senior department.

 Research associates work under various industries and are not limited to any specific sector, in-fact performing market research is a must at the point if you want your products or services to succeed in the market.

And research associates with their expertise help you to obtain that information.

Job opportunities and skills required

As discussed there is enormous and non-fading scope for research industries in almost all sectors.

Therefore, opportunities for researchers to perform these researches are also huge.

with the right education and skills, you can become one of the top and leading research associates in your company.

The role basically requires an undergraduate or master degree in economics and finance or business background with a good analytical mind.

You must be in the position of concluding your researched data to a final decision-making outline.

This means by seeing your statistics further business decisions are able to be made.

Is a Research Assistant and a Research associate the same?

Not exactly, the research assistant is someone who is working under research associate and report their collections to them, who further analyze, prepare and report to their senior fellows.

By the way, they are not independent and often employed on a temporary contract to work on any research.

Research associates might be having 2-3 or more research assistants reporting under them or working along with them on any projects.

They have different salaries as per their experience and performance.

Salary expectations of a research associate.

The scale of pay depends entirely on your experience and ability to outperform your peers. Generally, Indian research associates make anywhere from $7000 to $15000 per year.

But there is a good chance of growing yourself within the company and increase your pay scale within a shorter duration.

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